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Ben + Katelyn - A Northern Michigan Engagement Session

Ben and Katelyn are two people that know how to have fun and love adventure. When were were at our first consolation to plan out their engagement session we decided to do something different and head up north for a night to take some images! I am so glad, we may of got a little lost, but we had fun in the process and found some awesome locations! A big thank you to Kings Orchard in Central Lake for letting us shoot there! 

Jon + Danielle

Since day one this girl has been there. We have just about everything best friends do. To see her so happy with an awesome guy, makes me the happiest friend in the world! I can't wait for their wedding next year! You can just see the love these two have for each other, nothing makes me more happy then true love between two people (except when it's one of your best friend that makes you even happier than happy...), so congrats to Jon & Danielle, I can't wait to document your special day next summer! 

Justin + Jessica

These two. Sometimes you meet people and just know that they are perfect for each other; with these two, that was the case. We had so much fun, Justin's truck was absolutely perfect for this shoot. And just look at this lighting. I LOVED THIS. It was a perfect night with a perfect couple! 

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