Mr. + Mrs. Jack

This wedding and wedding party were so much fun to work with! A little back story, my cousin was in a pretty serious car accident this past week and was the photographer for this wedding. But with the accident happening, she was unable to shoot it. So I took it over with permission of the Bride and Groom. They were so understanding and so much fun to photograph! It ended up being the perfect day for a summer beautiful summer wedding! My cousin (Jessi) is healing thankfully!!! But please keep her in your prayers, we are so thankful things were not worse than they were. However, I got the pleasure of working with this amazing couple on such a big day! Congrats you two! 

Dyer Family - Lifestyle Session

When Stef came to me and asked about doing a non-traditional lifestyle session I was all about it! With young kids it's best to let them be in their natural element and have them do what they do best. FROG HUNTING. The boys loved looking for frogs, exploring the woods and just being in nature. I think it shows throughout these images. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Adalyn + Prince

Earlier this week I was able to shoot a small session of Adalyn and Prince. Prince was one of her mom's horses growing up. He is now retired but Adalyn still loves that big guy! I loved every minute of this session and hope you will too! 

Joe + Amanda

I loved hanging out with these two for an evening, they tie the knot in just a few short months but that didn't stop us doing an engagement session!

Sidenote : Amanda's shirt got wet from her water bottle and it was an olive shirt, I was also wearing an olive shirt so I swapped out shirts and gave her mine and it worked out just perfect! Anything to get the shot right?!

I am so excited for these two, they are truly happy and I can't wait to see what life has in store for them!

Kipp + Megan

These two tied the knot on June 2. It was an absolutely perfect day for a wedding! Everything was beautiful. Check out this little glimpse of their big day! 

Baby Chandler

I am so excited for Andrew and Lauren! Baby Chandler finally entered the world and he is all they dreamed of and more. He is such a perfect little guy. I couldn't be happier for these two. The transition into parenthood isn't easy but these two make it look like a breeze, Chandler is lucky to have them! 

Nate + Kelly

All I have to say is THESE TWO ARE FREAKING PERFECT. Once you go through these images and see how happy both of them are, I think you will understand! 

Clay + Celeste [5.12.18]

Yesterday was absolutely perfect! The forecast predicted rain and thunderstorms all week, but turns out, it was a beautiful day just like this couple! Clay has been a friend of my brothers for quite some time. So when him and Celeste asked to to photograph their big day it was an obvious yes! I couldn't be more happy for these two, they are the type of people that you meet and know that they were meant for each other. I wish you two a life full of happiness, love and lots of dogs! 

Two Hearted River Trip

So, I am only a wee bit late at posting this. We went on this trip in September of 2017 so... ok, I'm very late at posting this. But with our little boy making his grand entrance into the world things had to slow down for a while. However, as I was going through my memory cards from this trip I fell in love with photography again and remembered why I started taking photos and pursued this as my full time career. I love to capture moments that we might not remember and moments that we don't always take full advantage of. As you look through these images, I hope you can feel like you experienced this trip with us. Each year we have gone on this trip, the landscape amazes me. It changes year to year but its always perfect. It makes you fall in love with nature all over again. Sometimes you need to take a step back and enjoy the world around you. 

The Lawrence Family

We woke up to a temperature of -1 this morning but that didn't slow down this family! We had so much fun with this little man and his sled. Kayla, Ayden, and Hudson were troopers when it came to getting snow in their boots and dealing with mother nature. But I'm sure it's safe to say it was worth it! Take a look at these images!

2017 RECAP

Where do I even start!? I FREAKING LOVE YOU GUYS! I am beyond blessed to have such amazing clients! 2017 was one of my best years yet and can not wait to show you what 2018 will hold! A huge thank you to all who have supported this dream of mine. You all make my job something I look forward to every day. I was able to help out multiple families who were not able to get photos done due to a large variety of circumstances. I try to help out as many people as I can and give back what I am able to. 2017 proved to be a year that some people needed a little extra joy in their life and I am thankful I was able to help through photography.

The year 2018 will be a big change for my husband Zac and I, with my little man arriving in just 7 weeks! We are beyond excited to meet him! With that being said, I will be taking some time off to spend with him. I will be out of the office from February 1 - May 1. I will do my absolute best to get back to you on e-mails and scheduling sessions. But, I will not be shooting during that time. Please don't judge me on the typos that may occur due to the lack of sleep and having a newborn. I will however be excepting tips on how to sleep as a new parent, if you have them, send them my way!!

I am so excited for this next year and to photograph the best days of peoples lives, new little ones that come into the world, and more growing kiddos! 

You guys are seriously the best, I can not thank you enough for all the love and support! 


Kelly Rewa

Ryan + Marlee

When clients come to me asking about a winter engagement session, I AM ALL GAME. I literally love these cozy outdoor sessions. These two were troopers since the temperature was in the teens and the wind was not messing around. However, the sun decided to pop out for a second to let us get some glorious shots! 

Burgess [ class of 2018 ]

This senior session was so much fun! We had to move it up a half hour to get the best lighting but it was 100% worth it. This park has such great spots if you love the outdoors. We decided to venture around and Burgess was a trooper! 

A Grand Rapids Engagement Session

Sunday night we were able to go Downtown GR and photograph these two love birds! I couldn't be any more excited for Clay and Celeste! The light was absolutely perfect for their entire session and we got to hang out with their sweet little rescue pup Arnie. It was such a great night! 

Nora's Newborn Session

I can't get enough of sweet little Nora! Her full head of hair and a happy little baby girl make for a good combination! Nora is so blessed to have the most loving parents. I couldn't be any more excited for this new little family! 

Sweet Baby Nora

We have been anxiously awaiting for this sweet little girl to make her appearance, on July 11 It finally happened! Nora is already so loved by everyone around her. I've never seen her parents any more excited than they were last night! We are so happy you are here Nora! 

Michael + Lauren

This past week I was able to photograph these two love birds! It was such a fun session, we were serious for about 3% of the entire thing, which made it way more fun! I'm so excited to be documenting their big day in 2019! 


This little man is officially a year old today. He is clearly excited about it! Edison was such a little trooper and made this session a breeze! So thankful for happy little babies!


I love when parents come to me asking to photograph their new little love. They are asking me to capture the little moments of change, a new love for a tiny little human and so much more. It's normally doesn't go as planned but thats what I love about newborn sessions. You get to see what awesome parents look like and get to meet precious little babies. This little man is so so SO cute! Meet little Henrik friends.